June 3, 2023

myro deodorant

Natural deodorants have come a long way since the days when I had no choice but to awkwardly scrape abrasive crystals or chunky baking soda pastes on my armpits. In case you can’t tell, I wasn’t a fan of either option. Since then, I’ve tested an excessive number of aluminum-free deodorants, and I can tell you with confidence that most of them don’t do anything other than waste my time and test my patience. So far, there are only a small handful of options that live up to the task, so when Myro’s Refillable Deodorant landed on my desk, I set about testing it with skepticism. To my surprise, it lived up to the task—in a wide range of scents that spoke to my fragrance-loving soul. Below, my honest review of the much-hyped, plant-powered formula.


BEST FOR: Daily use, workouts

USES: Deodorant

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Aloe, probiotics, sage


PRICE: $15 + $5 shipping for one-time purchase

ABOUT THE BRAND: Myro’s pro-planet philosophy inspires their line of keepable cases and refill pods, designed to cut down on single-use plastic while providing a plant-powered alternative to traditional deodorants.

About My Armpits: Used to disappointment 

 I sweat a lot, especially during the summer, when a short walk to brunch often results in friends asking if I’m okay or telling me that I look like I’ve just showered in my own perspiration (thanks, friends). I made the switch from antiperspirants to aluminum- and paraben-free deodorants years ago, so I’ve long since learned the difference between the two categories. Unlike antiperspirants, deodorants won’t reduce or stop your sweat, which is something I’ve made peace with long ago. Instead, they’re designed to counteract body odor only, so all I’m asking of these formulas is that they keep me smelling fresh for a full day.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried a lot of sticks (and scrubs, pastes, sprays, and rock crystals) that fail to live up to that promise.

On the plus side, my long history of natural deodorant usage means my body doesn’t require any adjustment time to get used to these formulas, allowing me to dive straight into the testing process.

Ingredients: Byrdie Clean

Myro’s vegan deodorant is free of gluten, soy, and mineral oil. It also passes all the requirements of Byrdie’s Clean Beauty Pledge. The formula contains an aloe base for a more emollient, soothing application, as well as probiotics to help neutralize odor-causing bacteria. (Body odor doesn’t come from sweat itself, but from bacteria breaking down the compounds within your sweat.) The deodorant also contains sage, which has been shown to be a natural, antibacterial alternative to aluminum and triclosan in reducing odor.

The brand offers two concentrations or “strengths” for their formula: Myro and Myro+. The latter lasts for 24 hours and is meant to offer even more odor protection. For the purposes of this story, I tested the basic Myro formula because, in my opinion, even a base-level deodorant still needs to do its job.

The Feel: Slick

myro deodorant

Thanks to the aloe, the stick has an especially slick, almost wet-feeling texture that wears comfortably when used sparingly. It’s softer than most stick deodorants I’ve used and glides on easily, but can also feel kind of like an extra layer of sweat if you layer too much on. Stop after a single swipe, and you’re good. I like that the formula is completely transparent and doesn’t leave behind any clumps or white residue.

The Scent: Take your pick

My favorite part of the Myro deodorant is getting to customize your case color and scent pod. I tried their full range of scents, so I feel confident in saying that everything smells amazing and looks way chicer than I expected from a B.O.-fighting product. The nine scent options also include one called “Open Air,” which is completely unscented, if that’s more your vibe. There’s honestly not a single bad scent in the bunch, but my current pick is the delicately floral Pillow Talk, with notes of violet leaf, ylang ylang, and amyris. The scent pods pop in and out of the refill case so you can swap them out when you’re done, or if you just want to switch it up. To load, drop the scent pod into the case and twist it clockwise until it snaps into place. To release, twist it the other way and slide out.

The Results: Passes the deodorant test

When I wore any of the Myro scents for a full day of minimal movement, I noticed that they held up nicely. The scents would fade away after a few hours, but the odor-fighting properties seemed to be working just fine. That said, sitting at a desk and answering emails doesn’t exactly make me break a sweat. My conscience told me that in order to properly test this deodorant, I had to put it through at least one workout test. This sent me into an existential dilemma, as the most movement I’ve been willing to do lately has been walking downstairs to buy food.

“Does testing deos for a story this weekend require me to work out or can I just sit here like a blob all day?” I inquired on my Instagram Story. 79% of the voters enabled my blob life choices, which goes to show that my friends know me well and want the best for me. Unfortunately, my sense of journalistic responsibility eventually kicked in, and I persisted through a 40-minute long Chloe Ting workout with one swipe of Pillow Talk. If you’ve read my prior review of Chloe Ting’s workout programs, you will not be surprised to learn that I almost did not survive this video and ended the session face-down, collapsed on my yoga mat. Soaked in sweat and reconsidering my life choices, I summoned the strength to conduct a sniff test and was shocked to find that I couldn’t detect any body odor. In short: it works.

The Value: Two purchase models

myro deodorant
Myro Deodroant $12.00

Myro offers two purchase models for their deodorants. You can either opt for a $15 single purchase with $5 shipping (includes a case and scent pod of your choice), or try their subscription model. The latter allows you to purchase a $10 starter kit with free shipping, then pay $40 for your first refill box (four scent pods) after your one-month trial ends. After that, you can order the same refill box for $30 at your chosen frequency (every 3, 4, or 6 months), or cancel at any time. With natural deodorants, I always recommend that you test it once to see if it works with your body chemistry first. If you’re a fan, the subscription model will be your best bet. You can also purchase single products from Anthropologie or Amazon.

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  • Nala Free From Deodorant: Nala’s natural deodorant line lets you customize your scent and strength from several different levels, a great pick if you’re into bespoke beauty products.

Our Verdict: Would 10/10 use again

Myro’s Refillable Deodorant is the rare fancy, natural deodorant that actually works. If you want an antiperspirant, this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for an aluminum-free formula that can stand up to an intense workout and looks cute doing it, you’ve found the one.