June 3, 2023

Woman getting massage

When I arrived in Las Vegas a few months ago, I was worn out. My sleeping habits haven’t been the best as of late—I’ve been going to bed late and waking up intermittently throughout the night (a recipe for exhaustion). So, while I was excited to be in the city that never sleeps for the first time, all I wanted was a good night’s rest. My ultra-plushy hotel bed easily lulled me into a deep sleep, but during my trip, I was treated to a massage that gifted me with the most peaceful slumber I’ve experienced in a while.

The Awana Spa & Wellness dubs its “Tokyo Escape” massage as “the ultimate massage for your best night’s sleep.” It combines carefully applied pressure and aromatherapy to help you ease into deep relaxation. Keep reading to learn more about my experience getting the “Tokyo Escape” massage and what to expect during the treatment, according to the spa director Jennifer Lynn Raftery.

What Is The “Tokyo Escape” Massage? 

The spa’s treatment menu is inspired by global travel, consisting of healing traditions from around the world. “Tokyo Escape is about evading the pulse of the city and entering a dream-supported state,” Raftery says. “Because sleep health impacts a person’s overall health and wellbeing, this efficacious treatment is an antidote to an overactive pulsing lifestyle.”

The Benefits of a “Tokyo Escape” Massage

Massage room at awana spa

  • Increased relaxation
  • Optimized performance and mental clarity
  • Better night’s sleep
  • Therapeutic relief to massaged areas

Massage therapies, such as the “Tokyo Escape” treatment, manipulate the soft tissue of the massaged body areas to provide benefits such as reduced stress or improved sleeping habits. It can also provide physical benefits, such as relief of muscular aches and pains. “The Tokyo Escape massage offers physical rest and mental restoration, allowing for greater creativity and function,” Raftery notes.

The inclusion of aromatherapy oils takes the massage’s benefits to the next level. Research indicates aromatherapy massage has a mild anxiety-reducing effect. “The elements incorporated into the tension-relieving massage include beautifully blended essential oils for deep relaxation, including a naturally sedating vetiver, soothing chamomile, and comforting sandalwood,” Raftery says.

Jodi Shays, a licensed esthetician and member of Byrdie’s Review Board, says to be mindful of allergies and reactions to essential oils. “I have noticed topical allergies to lavender and tea tree, so it may be best to avoid face with these oils,” she explains.

How to Prepare

While preparing for this massage is not mandatory, the Awana Spa offers several experiences that heighten its effectiveness. “It is important to prepare for the arrival by saving ample time to enjoy Awana’s expansive hydrothermal experiences including the event sauna, the Crystal Laconium, four temperature vitality pools (102°, 95°, 85° and a cold plunge at 60°), cool mist showers and steam rooms,” Raftery says. “The contrasting temperatures of the pools are ideal for commencing the restoration process for the body.”

Shays says to be sure to discuss with your doctor and disclose with your practitioner before a massage like this, as you should avoid specific pressure points and oils on feet for safety.

What to Expect

After you lie down, the masseuse encourages you to inhale an essential oil blend. “The Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Blend used in the massage is a therapeutic blend of powerful plant compounds that have been carefully combined to promote a soothing sequence that leads to restful sleep,” Raftery says. “Essential oils work effectively in two different ways. Firstly, the scent of the oils plays a major role. Our sense of smell directly connects to our limbic system in the brain, benefitting our breathing and activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates the rest and relaxation state in our body.”

The body massage then focuses on your back, scalp, arm, legs, and feet. The masseuse massages the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Blend directly onto your skin. “Our skin is [also] able to assimilate the active ingredients from the plant oil and provide therapeutic relief to the areas needed most,” Raftery adds.

During the treatment, I felt myself easing into a deeper rested state with each passing minute. The masseuse applied the proper amount of pressure to each area of my body, and the smells of the essential oils in the room made me feel blissfully relaxed. I’ll even admit: I was dozing off on the massage table. After the treatment concluded, I went back to my room, curled up in the bed for a nap, and was knocked out within minutes. The same held true when it was time for bed that evening. The next morning, I woke up still feeling thoroughly refreshed and restored. So, I’d definitely say this treatment lives up to its claims.


The price of the treatment varies depending on a few factors. “We offer the Tokyo Escape in 90-minute and 120-minute formats,” Raftery explains. “Prices range from $360 to $495 based on the length of time and day of the week the experience is booked.”


Raftery has a few tips to help maximize the benefits of the treatment. “After a good massage, it is essential to drink plenty of water to support cellular healing of the soft tissue and muscles,” she says. “Specifically, after the Tokyo Escape Massage, you should dedicate plenty of time for a restorative slumber.”

The Final Takeaway

I came to Las Vegas extremely tired and left renewed, thanks to this massage. If you find yourself there and need some serious head-to-toe TLC, consider booking this treatment at Awana Spa & Wellness. The treatment will calm your mind and body, allowing you to experience the rest and relaxation we all deserve.