March 27, 2023


This is not a drill: We have some news that will make wash-day a whole lot easier. The last few months have been a struggle for the curly hair community. With state-wide salon closures, difficult re-openings, and go-to stylists’ packed schedules, it’s no surprise naturalistas are taking curl maintenance into their own hands. Going natural is not an easy journey—but it’s definitely a life-defining moment in re-learning how to care for your curls. However, imagine getting professional advice directly from a celebrity stylist (one who happens to cut and care for the curls of Yara Shahidi, Halle Berry, and Tamara Mowry) while you do it. Sounds dreamy right? Well, now it’s real.

Known for her electric blue curls, soul-warming personality, and impressive celebrity clientele, celebrity stylist and Deva-certified curl specialist, Christin Brown, has announced a six-week intensive “Curlfactor Camp” catered to non-professionals. It’ll include expert curl advice, live demonstrations, and one-on-one virtual curl consultations.

Earlier this month, Brown began conducting 75-minute intensive curl courses with a curriculum which includes hands-on learning, product knowledge, pro-tips, and an emphasis in curl education. And Brown says this is just the beginning. “This will be the first of many different courses I will be offering with the next one being for the new and experienced hair professionals.” Below, find everything you need to know about the Curlfactor Camp. To register for courses, visit Brown’s site and request for more information.

You Don’t Need To Be a Professional To Take The Course

The program is designed for those who want to learn more about their curls—and specifically formatted for non-professionals. “I feel like there could be more resources out there to dive into what your hair needs and how your natural hair journey can be more enjoyable and less stressful,” explains Brown, who, along with creating her curl camp, has been offering virtual curl consultations since the beginning of salon closures earlier this year.

CurlFactor Camp Wants to Bridge the Curl Education Gap

According to Brown, one of the biggest factors contributing to the gap in learning about natural hair is the ability to connect and share similar experiences. “During this time, when most of us are at home, I have been doing a ton of virtual consultations with people around the country and world. What I have found is we are all starving for more connection. The connection can be about hair, but it’s mostly about feeling seen,” she says.

“Curl education is lacking personalized, one-on-one interaction. I understand it’s easier to broadcast a livestream because you can capture more people at once,” Brown says, “but creating more intimate settings for people to be seen and heard individually is an absolute need right now.” She continues, “By sharing our own stories and our own truth, we are able to speak clearly and confidently about what we believe will aid in someone else’s growth. That, to me, is where educators are made,” Brown explains. Although each course is only 75-minutes, Brown uses each minute to provide students with confidence through the lens of curl education, especially when they’re caring for them outside of a salon setting.

Curl Confidence Is The Main Takeaway 

“Consumers are hungry for knowledge and an exploration of self,” Brown says. “I believe the link between the consumer and the professional starts with journeys and experience. As an educator, I have walked this natural journey road twice. The moment your client can you’re one in the same, you can communicate with them, rather than at them. The goal is to have each client walk away from the experience feeling empowered.