June 4, 2023

Party season is well and truly upon us, and whether you’re keeping your plans low-key and sticking to Zoom drinks, we’re all in need of a little festive cheer. One thing I’m certainly looking forward to is all the party makeup looks I’ve been eager to try out, from glittery eye shadows to glowing makeup, and I’ve really been brushing up on my makeup skills in anticipation. The great thing is that the party makeup looks I’ve found are easy to create and can transform the simplest outfit into a WOW look. 

If you’re ready to be inundated with seven fabulous makeup looks that are absolutely worth copying, keep scrolling. I’ve even included my top products and tips so you can re-create the looks yourself.

1. Shimmery Eyes

Last but by no means least are glittery inner corners. If you find yourself stuck for inspiration, then this couldn’t be easier. Simply take your favourite eye shadow wand or add your go-to sparkly eye shadow to an oval-shaped eye shadow brush and add to the inner corners of your eye.

Best of all? There are no rules as to how much glitter you can apply to the area.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix 24 Hour Cream Colour
Danessa Myricks Beauty
Colorfix 24 Hour Cream Colour

Glossier Lidstar in Cub
Lidstar in Cub

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil
Jumbo Eye Pencil

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