June 3, 2023

SheaMoisture Wig and Weave Collection

I wasn’t sure what to expect upon trying SheaMoisture’s Wig & Weave Collection, but I was pleasantly surprised. The line has been met with impressive praise. It’s rare for wig-and-weave hair maintenance to be so comprehensively covered by a single collection, but SheaMoisture did it. Ahead, read through my in-depth review of the products.

About My Hair: Protective Styles Are My Go-To

I enjoy weaves, wigs, human hair crochet braids, and synthetic braids. I regularly wear these protective styles and go back to my natural hair for periodic rest days. My weaves are always lace front, so laying the lace and blending my edges is a must. I generally bounce around between kinky, wavy, and straight human hair and expect a reasonable amount of shedding and wear.

I sometimes apply heat with a curling wand or flat iron to my human hair after using Garnier Flat Iron Protector Mist, but I prefer to add a generic mousse and light oil (like an oil spray or sweet almond oil) to do a twist out with flexi rods most nights. I found that I can get some great definition that way, but it’s hardly necessary for a protective style that I can otherwise wrap at night and wear the following day.


For me, the vibrance of the hair and extending its shelf life are essential. I want to get the best use out of my hair, as it’s not cheap. I don’t wish to use heavy or greasy products that just lead to me washing my hair excessively.

When it comes to taking care of my natural hair and protective styles, I’ve been a die-hard SheaMoisture fan. I regularly use most of their leave-in conditioners, mousses, and oil sprays. While I love just about all of their products, it’s a game-changer to have a collection that caters to the needs of weaves and wigs.

The Products: Leaves My Hair Revitalized

I use products from the collection daily, as needed, for my sew-in human hair weave that includes some leave-out. I wake up, remove my silk bonnet, and undo my twists and flexi rods (if I decided to style it the night before with The Flyaway & Wrap Mousse).

Regardless of whether I twisted my hair the night before or not, I begin by spritzing a little bit of the 2-In-1 Conditioner and Detangler ($10) and gently brush my hair. If I didn’t apply the mousse the night before, I use it as needed to my hair when I brush it.

Hands-down, The Flyaway & Wrap Mousse is my favorite product in the collection. It signs, seals, and delivers when it comes to the luster, shape, and hairstyling. I can even use a little on my leave-out to help it stay in place without reverting.

After I’ve applied the mousse, there isn’t so much as a single hair out of place, but the hair isn’t hard or crunchy. It’s soft and easy to manipulate into a variety of styles. Plus, you can use it on both dry and wet hair.

I use products from the collection daily as needed for my sew-in human hair weave that includes some leave-out.

If I’m doing something pretty simple for the day, I’ll finish up by spraying The Oil Shine Spray ($10), which is fantastic. The spray provides amazing sheen and vibrance without being heavy. Like all of the products, it smells great and finishes off any style nicely.

For synthetic hair, I’d say to make sure you go easy on the oil; one or two spritzes should suffice. Otherwise, your hair will probably get too heavy and greasy.

If you’re using these products on natural hair, it should be fine to be quite generous with how much you use without having to worry about the hair being weighed down. Everything in the line is water-based and relatively light but also fully buildable.

The Feel: Light and Luxurious

Wig & Weave Bonding Glue
SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Bonding Glue $8.00

It’s not every day that I can say that each product in a collection feels, smells, and works great. But this is the case with the Wig & Weave Collection. The water-based products are light but also filled with a great variety of oils and aloe vera.

I will say that similar to most bonding glues, it takes time to get the hang of the one included in the SheaMoisture collection. It comes down to each person’s process for setting their wigs and protecting their edges. I found that the brand’s glue took a little while to get a steady grip but laid decently enough.

One of the perks is that the bonding glue is clear, so there’s no need to worry about any white residue or crustiness when it dries. Plus, the fact that it’s water-based makes it easy to reapply it as needed until the desired look is achieved.

It’s not every day that I can say that each product in a collection feels, smells, and works great. But this is the case with the Wig & Weave Collection.

The rest of the products have a similar feel, except for the Residue Remover Shampoo ($10) and the Scalp Soother ($8). They are a little thicker than the other products. The Residue Remover Shampoo is probably the most lackluster product of the collection. It serves its purpose but can be easily replaceable with another shampoo.

The Scalp Soother feels and smells nice, but I can’t conclude that it does anything to alleviate the tightness of my sew-in weave. So that’s just something to keep in mind if you’re looking for fast relief from a constraining sew-in or install.

Nothing leaves a residue, and every product complements any hair type. But as with most synthetic hair types, less is more. It’s not a good idea to have too much of any product sitting on top of synthetic hair.


The Results: Dependable and Effective Products

These products last the entire day and can even last for a few days depending on the hair texture, length, type, etc. I can go out and run errands for a few hours, come home, do housework, and my hair will still be looking gorgeous. I give The Flyaway & Wrap Mousse and Oil Shine Spray most of the credit. These are the styling powerhouses that make this collection special.

I’ll use 2-In-1 Conditioner and Detangler if my hair needs a little drink of hydration, but on most days, it thrives well with just the mousse and shine spray. On wash days, which I do on an as-needed basis, I use the Residue Remover Shampoo, which cleans my hair and scalp at an average level. I’ll add my conditioner, usually from Organix or Mizani, and use my wide-tooth comb to gently detangle. I apply leave-in conditioners, etc., as needed. I’ll sit under my RED by Kiss Tourmaline 1875 Salon Hood Dryer until the hair is partially dry and then follow up with a heat protectant and my Revlon Paddle Dryer. I’ll then flat-iron my leave-out and apply the mousse and shine spray. If I don’t feel like doing a twist-out flexi rod set, I’ll simply wrap my hair and then put my bonnet on for bed.

The SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Collection is a very dependable system that flows well into my routine without having to worry about any of the products failing me.

The Value: Extremely Affordable

SheaMoisture has always made it their mission to make affordable and accessible haircare products. Ranging from 2 fl oz. to 13 fl oz., the products in the Wig & Weave Collection are generously sized for the price. They are all sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and color-safe. Plus, they are made with fair trade shea butter like all of the company’s products.

The bottles are made with 25% recycled plastic, and the ingredients are formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and petroleum, according to the brand. There isn’t a single product in the collection that costs more than $10 before tax. This measures up nicely compared with other drugstore wig and weave products that usually run a bit more.

The Final Verdict: A Must-Try Collection 

The SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Collection is hands-down a must-try for everyone who enjoys protective styling. The quality, price, aesthetics, and results can’t be beaten. While some products in the collection are merely sufficient, most go above and beyond the competition, delivering some genuinely stellar looks.