May 30, 2023

megababe anti-chafe stick

For most of my adult life, my thighs have touched. I’ve been a variety of weights over the years, but my thighs have always rubbed together when I walk or workout. It’s just how my body is shaped, and I’m perfectly OK with that (although I can’t say I felt the same as a teenager). However, there is one problem that most people with big thighs can relate to: Chafing. If you’ve ever spent a summer day walking around in a dress only to end up with raw inner thighs from them rubbing together, you know that this is a very particular form of pain. It can burn and sting, and there aren’t a whole lot of solutions for the problem aside from boy shorts. For many years, I wore Spandex shorts or shapewear under my dresses and skirts specifically for the purpose of preventing thigh chafing. Then, I discovered Megababe’s Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafing Stick and my life was immediately changed.

It’s been a couple years since I started using Megababe, and now it’s my summer staple. I don’t have to add an extra layer of fabric to every outfit if I don’t want to (goodbye, Spandex!) and I no longer experience painful chafing if I’m wearing a swimsuit, either. Thigh Rescue is great because it works, but it’s also wonderful because it has allowed me to live my life in a better way. That’s exactly why I recommend it to anyone I know who experiences thigh chafing (or any chafing at all). Now, let’s get into the specifics of the products.


Star Rating: 5/5

Best For: Anyone who experiences thigh chafing

Uses: To prevent chafing, wherever you might have it

Active Ingredients: aloe, pomegranate, and grape seed extracts

Byrdie Clean: Yes

Price: $17

About the Brand: Megababe is a body care company started by plus size blogger and influencer Katie Sturino.

Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick $14.00

The Feel: Hydrating but never greasy

If you’ve ever put coconut oil or deodorant between your legs as a way to prevent chafing, it feels somewhat similar to that—but not greasy (as coconut oil can sometimes be) or drying (as some deodorants can be)l. When you first use Thigh Rescue, it is noticeable that your thighs are, well, a little greased up, but it feels more moisturizing than greasy. After a bit, you forget it’s even there.

The Scent: Subtle citrus

Thigh Rescue has a very light citrus smell, but you really have to put it right up to your nose to smell it. You don’t smell it at all when it’s actually applied. The product contains pomegranate seed extract, ginger root extract, and orange oil, all of which probably contribute to its fresh smell.

The Results: No thigh-chafing—ever

That’s what this product will give you. I have put Thigh Rescue on in the morning, walked all day, and not had to re-apply for the entire day. No more burning or stinging or next-day irritation.

The Value: Worth every penny

This product may seem a bit pricey for what it is, but it’s worth every penny. It also lasts a long, long time. In my experience (and I use it quite a bit in the summer), one stick of Thigh Rescue will last me an entire spring/summer season.

Similar Products: You have options

Queen V Anti-Chafe Stick: Intimate care brand Queen V also offers an anti-chafing stick, which is priced slightly lower than Thigh Rescue and includes shea butter.

Lululemon’s Body Glide: Lululemon’s Body Glide is also an anti-chafing stick and comes in at $8. Like Thigh Rescue, it’s not specifically for thighs necessarily, but for anywhere where uncomfortable rubbing might occur. It also comes in a travel size.