January 30, 2023

Not everyone has found The One. After all, finding a signature fragrance takes time. You’ll most likely have graduated from your first fragrance as a teenager (Lacoste Touch of Pink was mine—anyone else?) and curated a couple of staples in your fragrance collection as your tastes developed. Most have their go-to fragrances for summer, which they’ll switch up for the warmer, cosier winter scents when the time comes, and then there are those expensive perfumes that might wait their turn for special occasions and evenings. And don’t forget those affordable perfumes that smell way more expensive than their price tags might suggest. But for a perfume to reach signature-fragrance status, it’s a pretty big deal.

“Out of all of the beauty categories, fragrance was the one I was the least interested in—until I stumbled upon a bottle of Le Labo’s AnOther 13 in the beauty cupboard at work. One sniff and I was in love. The perfect balance of creaminess, musk and gentle green fruity notes of pear, apple and citrus was just so captivating. To this day, I’ve never smelt anything like it, and it’s my go-to confidence boost before heading out for the night.”

Le Labo AnOther 13
Le Labo
AnOther 13

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