March 27, 2023

Glass skin has been one of the buzziest Korean beauty trends to emerge as of late. The popular K-beauty trend refers to skin that appears incredibly smooth, shiny, and reflective (like glass) and the trend has inspired a similar lip look. Glass lips are meant to describe a pout that has high-intensity shine and an almost jelly-like texture. Creating the juicy lip look is super simple and requires just two products (yes, only two!). Ahead, watch as celebrity and editorial makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes walks you through how to achieve glass lips. 


Step One: Use A Transparent Lip Shine Product

Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick in Fuschia Gleam $10.00

To show us how to create glass lips, Hughes starts off by applying a vibrant pink lip. “I’m just popping this on in the center of the lip, paying attention to the width of the mouth,” says Hughes. While you don’t have to use the exact same shade as Hughes, using a lip color within the same color family as your natural lip color will help really create that glassy, reflective appearance.

Step Two: Buff The Edges with a Brush

Katie Jane Hughes

Glass lips are meant to look natural and blurred out, so once you’ve applied your color, you’re going to want to blend it out so the product looks less like lipstick and more like your natural lips. “I’m going to take a brush and soften those edges so it kind of looks stainy,” says Hughes. “The only method to the madness of this look is to gradually build the product and sweep the edges with a brush or a fingertip.” Keep Hughes’s tip in mind—it’s much easier to put more color on than it is to remove if things are looking a bit over-saturated.

Step Three: Amp Up Shine with A Lip Topcoat 

Maybelline Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Topcoat in Clear Vinyl $5.00

Remember, the key to this look is borderline superfluous shine, so you’ll definitely want to use a quality lip gloss or lip top coat for this step. Following, Hughes squeezes some of the Maybelline Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Topcoat in Clear Vinyl ($5) directly onto a clean brush. “I’m going to use a straight-up gloss and throw it right over the top for more shine. This is really just taking it to an editorial level,” says Hughes. You can use a clear gloss like Hughes is using, or a gloss that’s in a similar shade as your lipstick from the first step.

Hughes says the benefit of using a fluffy brush to apply gloss is that it allows you to place it on your lips without rubbing it in too much.


Step Four: Apply More Pigment

Katie Jane Hughes

To finish, Hughes applies more of the Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick in Fuschia Gleam across her lips, patting it on to add more concentrated pigment. She says the resulting look should remind you of a popsicle. If you like your glass lips extra shiny, you can add more gloss on top. It’s all about your personal preference. Et voila!