March 27, 2023

Katie Jane Hughes

There’s nothing quite like a good liquid lipstick. These fluid formulas rose to beauty fame several years ago and quickly solidified their place as a makeup essential. And for good reason, too. Liquid lipsticks deliver more pigment than traditional lipsticks and provide a stain that won’t budge throughout the day. But when it comes to swiping one on, there are a few things to know to help you achieve that perfect pout. Ahead, watch as celebrity and editorial makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes walks you through how to precisely apply liquid lipstick. 


Step Three: Buff The Edges of Your Lips 

”I’m going to actually buff the edges of the lip liner that I just drew so that it doesn’t feel too drawn on and feels almost like I’ve worn it for years and it’s just my signature color and I never take it off,” says Hughes. “I’m carefully skimming the brush along the edge right where I get a little bit of inconsistency from the pencil to smooth it.”

Step Four: Begin Applying Lipstick Where Your Lips Purse 

“The way to start a lip is to not start at the edges of the lip like I did with the pencil,” says Hughes. “Start close to where the lips purse or where your mouth opens because it’s way easier to keep tweaking toward the lip edge than it is to try and pull back from the lip edge with something like this, something as opaque and as glossy.” As Hughes applies the Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish in Date Night ($7), she gushes over how comfortable and velvety the product feels on her lips.

To precisely trace the edges of your lips with the liquid lipstick, Hughes recommends using the back of the doe-foot applicator.


Step Five: Erase Any Mess Ups 

Accidentally swipe lipstick across your chin? Want to clean up around your lip line? Hughes fixes lipstick blunders using the Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2. “Take a brush and take a little bit of face cream on that brush and you erase it with a brush prepped with face cream. This is a makeup erasing trick from makeup artists around the world,” says Hughes. The makeup pro finishes her lips by swiping on another coat of the lip polish.