March 27, 2023

Brazilian facial

The Brazilian wax is a household name. Even if you haven’t had one yourself, you’re likely familiar with the term. However, if you’re new to waxing or need a little refresher, the Brazilian wax is different from traditional bikini waxes. The key difference: A traditional bikini wax doesn’t remove hair from the backside. No matter what waxing style you select, removing hair from our nether regions using wax has its benefits over shaving because the results can last up to four weeks. But for some, that smooth feel and look doesn’t last long due to ingrown hairs and bumps that can leave long-lasting marks and discoloration.

For this reason, exfoliation before waxing is recommended. But we have good news. Estheticians and skincare experts are crafting aftercare wax treatments to help prevent ingrown hairs, irritation, and discoloration. One treatment making a splash is the Brazilian facial, coined by Singapore-born global wax studio Strip Ministry of Waxing. Founded by serial beauty entrepreneur Cynthia Chua of the Spa Esprit Group, the wax studio is known for its pristine interior and commitment to providing the best waxing has to offer, with each of its “waxperts” going through an eight-week training boot camp before servicing an initial customer. And the studio’s proprietary wax blends—berry chocolate and strawberry virgin—are formulated to reduce pain levels and minimize discomfort during the waxing process.

 What Is a Brazilian Facial?

The Brazilian facial is sort of what it sounds like. However, this isn’t like your average face facial. The treatment uses technology similar to that of microdermabrasion and hydrafacial, which uses customized diamond heads and serums to fit your unique skincare needs. The Brazilian facial has three different serum options: an acne and ingrown hair option, a dry skin option, and a discoloration option. One thing to note is this service is performed only by a trained esthetician with a device that exfoliates and infuses your select serum(s) into the skin. After the treatment, you will walk away with smooth, exfoliated skin.

Brazilian Facial vs. Vajacial

The idea of a facial for your vagina—well, technically your vulva—is relatively new, with Katherine Goldman, the owner of Northern California’s Stript Wax Bar, adding the now trademarked vajacial to their list of services in 2010. The 50-minute treatment starts with an antibacterial wash of the bikini area. The next step is a papaya enzyme mask to exfoliate gently. Then there are extractions followed by another mask that is chosen with your specific bodycare needs in mind. With down-there bodycare growing in popularity, larger medical spas like VSPOT Medispa offer LED-centered services like the 24K Gold Wax. This service doesn’t physically exfoliate the skin; instead it uses anti-inflammatory practices from start to finish.

During this treatment, 24k-gold-infused wax is used to help brighten the skin and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. After your waxing is complete, an LED light is placed over your skin to help fight ingrown hairs. In addition, New York City’s Haven Spa offers a 15-minute “peach smoothie” treatment that helps clear ingrown hairs by cleansing the area with a gentle exfoliating AHA scrub, followed by an acid peel. These treatments can be beneficial for those with sensitive skin and coil-y hair types (the curvature of tightly coiled hair follicles can cause ingrown hairs and the subsequent hyperpigmentation that follows).

Potential Side Effects

When dealing with sensitive areas of your body, being mindful of potential side effects is essential. Because vulvar skin is much more sensitive than the skin on our faces, exfoliation, extractions, and treatments with lightening agents can do more harm than good.

The Final Takeaway

If you opt to have a Brazilian facial or a vajacial treatment, consult with your dermatologist or healthcare provider before scheduling your first (or next) appointment.