June 3, 2023

woman with curly hair and a french pin hairstyle

The french pin is a chic U-shaped pin with styling versatility. Some may think the universal hairpin isn’t for everyday hairstyles and for more wedding-like updo’s but it’s become a simple and low maintenance way to grasp the hair. “I’ve used them on all hair types,” says hairstylist Ona Diaz-Santin. “You can create different styles with them, it’s a multi-used tool to add texture. It’s super easy to utilize and it can be a more soft approach to wearing an up-do while adding a feel of embellishment to the hair.”a more soft approach to wearing an up-do while adding a feel of embellishment to the hair.”

“A french pin allows you to get more creative with your updos and is ultimately a healthier option to its alternative, the hair tie,” adds hairstylist and colorist Doug Mengert. Though the pin works on all hair lengths and texture, Mengert says it works best on those with medium to thick hair that is longer than shoulder-length.

Whether attempting a classic up-do or a french twist, you are not limited when putting the french hairpin to use. There are several ways to use a french pin and securing them depending on each style—sometimes adding several pins can even add a nice touch of adornment to your look. Below are seven different examples of french pin hairstyles.


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Classic Bun

Twist your hair into a bun, but instead of securing it with an elastic, reach for a french pin. The accessory will add an elegant (and secure) touch.

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French Tail Chic

Long, blonde French pin ponytail hairstyle viewed from back

Create this look by doing a classic chignon technique, says Mengert. His process: “Wrap the hair into itself, but instead of feeding all the hair in, I would leave the ponytail part down.”

“By using multiple [French pins] lock in the hair right in place, pushing the pin through from left to right,” Mengert adds. Be sure to use a texture spray throughout the hair to give it some natural locking hold.

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French Braid Into A Twist

Once you create two french braids on the hair, grab the ends into a twist. “Twisting the hair into a classic chignon or a low soft bun with the pin will ensure security of your style as well as looking fashionable,” Mengert states.

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Classic Braided Bun

Braided bun hairstyle with French pins

This lovely half French braid stops at the crown and continues into a bun. “Make sure to wrap the hair tight around into a bun to secure the French pin from east to west,” Diaz-Santin says.

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Two Buns are Better Than One

Horizontally section the hair from ear to ear in order to achieve this look. “Start at the top as if you were going to create a ponytail but instead create a top knot and secure two french pins from opposite directions. Repeating the same steps for the bottom half hair will create an embellished look,” says Diaz-Santin.

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Modern French Twist Bun

Leave out the hairline about a one-inch section ending at the back of the ears then twist the entire hair behind that one in section into a vertical twist securing the twist at the very top of it with a french pin then curl the hairline.

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Curly Half-Updo

Curly half-up hairstyle with french pins

“Having natural texture in the hair will only enhance the charm and hold way better,” says Mengert. You can create this look by sectioning off the top of your hair, starting right above your earlobes. Twist the hair around to create a top knot, and secure your style with a French pin by forking the hair from left to right.

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Pins Galore

For an extra ‘grammable look, add multiple french pins. The extra accessories will help keep the hairstyle secure.