June 3, 2023

Fran Drescher wearing an upcycled look for thredUP

Fran Drescher stopped playing Fran Fine over two decades ago, but the impact of The Nanny has never let up. Even with an accelerating trend cycle, people of all ages still look to Drescher’s old ’90s fashions for style inspiration. We should have known a nanny with a closet full of Mugler, Versace, Moschino would have staying power.

It only made sense then that Drescher fronted the campaign for thredUP’s latest initiative, an upcycled Fran Fine-inspired collection designed by sustainable fashion designer, Daniel Silverstein, otherwise known as Zero Waste Daniel. Drescher even modeled the Full Circle Collection with help from an old friend, Emmy Award-winning costume designer of The Nanny, Brenda Cooper.

“I love the ethos of this collection, and working with thredUP and Zero Waste Daniel to create Fran Fine-approved custom looks was a dream,” Drescher said in the press release. “This holiday season, it’s so important to consider buying gifts that are planet friendly and give back. This upcycled collection is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.”

A collection made to be affordable, most pieces range from $10-$60, including fuzzy bucket hats, sweaters, and scarves. For those looking for something a little extra special, there are also bespoke collector’s coats for around $600. All one thousand pieces were created in New York City with 2,000 pounds of textiles that would have otherwise not been resold.

“Nowadays, it feels like sustainable is a word people slap on something to make it more expensive. My core belief is that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and we all deserve a healthy planet too,” shared Silverstein. “I am so inspired by thredUP’s mission and was eager to tackle and challenge industry norms, by making the sustainable option affordable. That’s why it means so much to me that The Full Circle Collection can help you choose used for holiday gifting on a realistic budget.”

ThredUP is also donating 20% of proceeds from the collection, which you can shop over on thredUP’s website, to Drescher’s charity, Cancer Schmancer. Below, Byrdie spoke to Drescher about her long love of thrifting, her favorite Fran Fine outfit, and more.

Fran Drescher wearing an upcycled look for thredUP


Her Favorite Thrifting Tip

“Growing up with an older sister, I always wore secondhand clothes, and I loved it. As I got older, I would go thrift shopping in New York and while traveling. I’ve discovered amazing pieces that I’ve held onto for decades. Today, online thrifting on sites like thredUP has made it even easier to find one-of-a-kind pieces with the click of a button! My number one tip would be to go in with an open mind, because you never know what hidden gem you’ll find when scouring a thrift store or scrolling online.”

On Her Partnership With thredUP

“ThredUP and I have a shared passion for sustainability. As someone who only aligns myself with brands whose values align with my own, I turn down many opportunities that aren’t a fit. When thredUP reached out to me, I was thrilled to partner with them on their upcycled holiday collection. They are exactly the kind of company we should be supporting, and their holiday collection is comfy, cool, and good for the planet! I was doubly thrilled when thredUP told me they would donate 20% of the proceeds to my charity, Cancer Schmancer. It was a win-win all around!”

Fran Drescher wearing an upcycled look for thredUP


How She Feels About Being a ’90s Fashion Icon

“It feels great. It’s something I don’t take for granted. And I try never to disappoint on the red carpets but live up to my reputation!”

Her Favorite Fran Fine Fashion Moment

“I think a solid silhouette of black turtleneck, black hot pants, a gold chain belt and thigh high black suede boots over black sheer hose is a classic nanny look. A colorful vest thrown over it switches it up a bit. Today I might opt for a pegged skirt and stiletto heels instead of hot pants.”

Fran Drescher wearing an upcycled hat and scarf for thredUP


The Fran Fine Look She Would Still Wear Today

“Any of the gowns, which were all timeless and fab. The coats were incredible and some I still have! The thigh high boots I also kept and wear over leggings. All the pant suits were stunning, too.”