June 3, 2023

bandana hairstyle

Hair accessories have made a strong comeback in the last few years; they’ve been going strong on the runways and have trickled all the way down to our vanities. But beyond the oversized barrettes and knotted headbands is our accessory du jour: bandanas. So, we took to Instagram to find the best bandana hairstyles out there for inspiration. And while bandanas have been around forever, these 25 styles feel entirely fresh.

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Swept-Back Braids

A printed statement bandana is the perfect way to pull back locs, braids, or Senegalese twists—and look chic doing it.

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Front Fringe

Anyone can wear a classic red bandana wrapped around your crown, with some wispy front fringe for good measure.

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Messy Bun

Bandana Hairstyles Messy Bun

This just in: A messy loose bun paired with a textured floral bandana is our new on-the-go hairstyle from here on out.

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Swept Back

The best solution for those days when you just don’t know what to do with your hair: Sweep it back in a chic floral bandana. Of course, the wispy bangs in the front are the perfect finishing touch.

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Off Duty

Bandana Hairstyles Headband Kaia Gerber

Turn your bandana into a makeshift headband to keep a loose updo in place and pesky fly-aways at bay.

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Faux Bangs

Bandana Hairstyles Faux Bangs

Want to test-drive bangs before you actually make the cut? Tuck your hair into a bandana to achieve a faux-bang effect, like this Brigitte Bardot-inspired look.

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Add Some Barrettes

Bandana Hairstyles with Barrettes Justine Marjan

Secure your bandana in place with some chic barrettes clipped on to the side. (Who cares if they’re more for show than function?) We love the three lined up here, and the piecey, effortless bandana style.

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Tiny Ballerina Bun

Short-haired girls get to get in on the fun, too. A long handkerchief or bandana makes a chic statement tied around a tiny ballerina bun.

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Front Wisps

Bandana Hairstyles Front Wisps

Sweep your hair back into a bandana style and leave face-framing wisps in front to give off major “I summer in Positano” vibes. (All you need is a convertible to complete the look.)

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Wrapped-Up Curls

Wrap your curls in place with a bandana—and match it with your yellow shirt to look cute doing it.

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’90s Vibes

Is anyone getting a J. Lo flashback right now? Channel the ’90s with a white bandana, pieces in front, and a ’90s-inspired lipstick.

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Volume on Top

Bandana Hairstyles Volume

Hold voluminous curls in place with a strategically tied bandana folded in half and tied above your hairline. We love the hot pink bandana paired with red lips here, of course.

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Tied With a Bow

Tie back a low ponytail with a hair tie, then wrap a bandana around it into a bow. Voila—an effortless, feminine statement hairstyle that takes less than two minutes.

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Loose & Effortless

Confession: It might be annoying to have to brush hair out of your face all day with this style, but we’re obsessed with the effortlessly chic vibes and loose, messy tendrils falling out. Worth it.

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Bun Wrap

Who needs scrunchies? (Okay, we do, but we’ll make an exception here.) This bandana-wrapped-bun—that’s likely secured in place with a hair tie underneath—makes a cool statement, especially with this bandana’s fiery-red hue.

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Tied Up

Bandana Hairstyles Tied Up

Fold your bandana into a headband and wrap it around so that it ties into a bow on the top of your head. The look is sure to get you lots of compliments.

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Piecey Bun

Bandana Hairstyles Piecey Bun

Say “hello” to the perfect accessory to pair with a piecey bun or updo. Bonus points for a flawless, loose front tendril.

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Effortless & Half-Up

If you don’t have time for an intricate hairstyle but you want to look like you put energy into it, clip or tie your hair in a half-up style before wrapping a bandana around the section. Major statement, minimal effort.

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Wrapped Up

Bandana Hairstyles Wrapped Up Adut Akech

This is the new best hairstyle for greasy-hair days. To get the look, fold your bandana in half and place the straight edge right below your hairline on your forehead, then tie the corners around so it holds down the back corner of the bandana triangle.

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Monochrome Moment

We can’t complain when monochrome is involved. Match your bandana hairstyle to your makeup (like this coordinating pink lipstick-and-eyeshadow combo).

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Long Scarf, Short Pony

It’s business in the front and a party in the back. A long statement headscarf or bandana makes an unexpected dynamic duo with a short, low ponytail.

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Dramatic Topknot

Make a statement with a sleek topknot tied up with a statement scarf or bandana.

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Peek-a-Boo Bandana

If you have long hair, fold up a bandana to wear as a simple headband and let it slightly peek through.

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Boho Braids

Bandana Hairstyles Braids

Go for a boho vibe and braid sections back and secure them together in place with a hair tie or clip. Then, tie a bandana around the section, and just let the fabric flow freely.

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Slicked-Back Bun

A sleek, slicked-back style is balanced out by a casual bandana wrapped around the bun.