January 30, 2023
Easy Bun Hairstyles: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The best thing about buns is that they don’t have to look perfect. In fact, we think they look a whole lot better when they look a little weather-beaten. If you struggle to style a bun that looks lived-in from the get-go, Seminara recommends drying your hair with a diffuser to get some texture into the lengths. “Texture can be achieved with rollers, tongs, back-combing, fingers, or you can use a diffuser to dry the hair first. This texture helps achieve that end result before you even place the bun,” he says.

GHD Helios Hair Dryer, White
Helios Hair Dryer, White

GHD Helios & Air Hair Dryer Diffuser
Helios & Air Hair Dryer Diffuser

When used with a diffuser attachment, the GHD Helios helps give natural shape and definition to your hair with added texture, and it keeps lengths looking shiny and glossy while it’s at it.

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