June 4, 2023

Hallie Gould

As someone whose love language is gift-giving, the holidays is one of my favorite times of year. And while I’m usually somewhat of a last-minute shopper (sorry, friends), there’s nothing better than finding that perfect unique gift for the ones you love. Even better when you can order it online with priority shipping. With that in mind, I collected a few of the absolute stunners—the gifts each one of your picky loved ones will find unique, thrilling, and delightful. TLDR: These are the links I send to friends whenever they ask for recommendations for their friends who are especially hard to shop for. Below, find surefire winners for the holiday season.

For the One With Air-Dried Hair

Oribe dry styling products
Oribe Dry Styling Collection $75.00

I try to stay away from heat styling (my hair is quite damage-prone) and these products have helped enormously in my quest for healthy hair. They make air-drying so easy. The Dry Texturizing Spray adds volume, texture, and absorbs oil—making it a three-in-one must-have for those worried about limp strands. Then there’s the Gold Lust Dry Shampoo to extend time between washes and add softness on day three or four. This gift is helpful, practical, and thanks to the collectible box, a stunning gift.

For the Consummate Host

byredo candles
Byredo Candle Wooden box $450.00

Everyone has that friend who somehow makes their humble NYC apartment look like a Nancy Meyers set. This gift is for them. Imagine their cozy living room with fancy candles sprawled about, each scent more divine than the last. Byredo’s candles are always a good option, but this wooden box includes four of the brand’s most popular offerings (Bibliotheque, Tree House, Burning Rose, and Cotton Poplin) along with a box of matches and wick trimmer. Chic, no?

For the One Who Loves Luxury

la prairie gold concentrate
La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate $850.00

La Prairie’s Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate is a truly luxurious product—both in formula and experience. It’s expensive, but it does its job flawlessly. After using it for months, my skin is more radiant, soft, smooth, and supple—and your friend’s will be too.

For the Francophile

violette fr
Violette La Magie Gift Set $108.00

We all a friend who loves all things French; French wine, French suitors, and French beauty products. This set is sure to please: Celebrity makeup artist Violette’s namesake brand is offering a collection of hero products called “La Magie.” It include’s Boum-Boum Milk (a three-in-one hydrating, soothing skincare formula), Petal Bouche (the perfect, velvety red lip), and Baume Shine (a creamy balm that can go anywhere the light hits for natural-looking glow). You won’t be disappointed.

For the One Who Loves a Classic

chanel lipstick
Chanel Rouge Allure Limited-Edition Luminous Intense Lip Color $45.00

There is nothing better than a classic red lipstick. It’s powerful, it’s sexy, and it lights up your face in a way no other product can. And when it comes to red lipstick, there’s no better option than Chanel. This satin-finish lipstick is comfortable on the lips (with sweet almond oil to moisturize) and stays through dancing, champagne-sipping, and more. It’s limited edition, so hop to it.

For the One Who Wants Options

pai skincare
Pai Labs Concentrate Peptides 5% Smoothing Booster $29.00

Pai launched little bottles of potent actives to mix in with your current skincare favorites. It’s an easy, affordable way to customize your routine for however your skin is feeling. Choose the right one for you to protect, smooth, and add radiance. It’s as easy as that.

For the One Who Needs a Vacation

dibs beauty
Dibs Desert Island Duo $32.00

There is nothing better than that fresh-from-the-beach glow. You know the one: You’re a little bronzed, a little flushed, and everything just feels better. Offer up vacation vibes to the friend who needs it most with this dual-ended bronzer and blush duo. You can apply either side anywhere you like—eyes, lips, cheeks, et al.