June 3, 2023

When you’re tired of wearing your jeans (and, let’s face it, your joggers) on loop, what should you wear? I can tell you that this has been a hot topic of discussion on the Who What Wear UK Slack channel this week, especially with the new season coming into view. There was talk of new colour trends, the pieces French women always reach for and the coat that always looks so expensive (no matter how much you’ve spent on it). But the one thing we all settled on as a great look that works for now and spring is the classic skirt-and-boot combo. 

Right now, the skirt needs to say “I’m ready for 2022,” but the footwear needs to say, “Do you realise that it’s still winter?” And trust us—the look is so easy to adapt. Whoever you are and whatever your personal style, there’s a skirt-and-boot pairing out there for you. Whether you wear an eternally chic pleated skirt with heeled knee-high boots or prefer to prioritise comfort, you can’t really go wrong.

For inspiration, we looked to some of our fashion friends who have been wearing this fail-safe combo on repeat. Keep scrolling for some much-needed winter-dressing ideas and to shop any key pieces you might not already have in your wardrobe to achieve these ‘fits. 


Skirt and Boot Outfits: @MICHELLACCC

Style Notes: If staying cosy and comfy is of the utmost importance, do so in a pair of chunky leather boots and a knitted skirt—we promise it’s just as comfortable as your joggers. 

COS Oversize Stripe Jumper
Oversize Stripe Jumper

A knit we know is going to fly. 

The Row Damaris Knitted Midi Skirt
The Row
Damaris Knitted Midi Skirt

Because who wouldn’t want to fill their wardrobe with The Row? 

FitFlop Sumi Waterproof Leather Chelsea Boots
Sumi Waterproof Leather Chelsea Boots

Waterproof and versatile? These boots are a wise winter investment. 

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