June 4, 2023

If I think back to the year 2000, 10-year-old me would have been wearing skin-tight pedal pushers, a cropped T-shirts and butterfly hair clips. And my 16-year old sister would have already been trying out pleated mini skirts, tie-front tops and sporting a baguette bag at all times. It’s safe to say, Y2K fashion was a wild time where practically anything goes. And while millennials would most likely leave many of the fashion trends firmly in that decade, the Gen Z crowd have other ideas.

We can all thank Tik Tok for the revival of low-slung jeans (sob), along with Paris Hilton’s most-loved look: velour tracksuits. While I won’t be trying either of these any time soon, there are some trends I feel like I missed out of seeing as I wasn’t an experimental teenager during 1999-2000. So instead of letting my sister be the only one to try them out, I’ve spotted so many looks of Instagram I would definitely wear now. Including the claw clips (sorry, butterflies), strappy tops Camille Charriere can’t stop wearing, platform boots and of course the now vintage baguette bag. 

Here are six Y2k outfits I’ll be trying out in 2022, and there’s not a pedal pusher in sight. 

1. Claw Clip + Faux Fur Trim Coat

Nnenna wearing claw clip and faux fur coat

Shiny materials, tie-front details and cropped style tops were key in Y2K, and Lucy Williams has ticked off all three. Keep it fuss-free with laid-back baggy trousers and boots. 

Monki Glitter Cardigan
Glitter Cardigan

Arket Cropped Milano Rib Trousers
Cropped Milano Rib Trousers

Jigsaw Olivia Heeled Ankle Boot | Zebra
Olivia Heeled Ankle Boot | Zebra

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