January 30, 2023

If you’ve ever followed a YouTube makeup tutorial to a T only to look in the mirror and realise it’s a straight-up no-go on you, your eye shape might have had something to do with it. Sure, the individuality of every human’s face is part of what makes each of us so supremely beautiful in our own ways, but those differences sure do make it more difficult to identify the best makeup for any given person.

Identifying your eye shape and employing makeup techniques that complement it might be the only thing standing between you and A+ makeup application. In truth, makeup artists agree that subpar eye makeup that doesn’t take into account the nuances of your eye shape could actually be weighing down your eyes and prematurely ageing you. In the same way that face shape comes into play when trying to figure out everything from the best haircuts to the most flattering eyebrow shape, eye shape has similar implications when it comes to deciding what kind of eye makeup looks best.

How to Apply Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape

Celebs with your eye shape: Tessa Thompson, Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway, Chloë Grace Moretz

When considering downturned eyes, the goal is to achieve balance by bringing the eye up a bit, Quynh explains. “Flipping the edges of the eye up either with eyeliner or shadow is a really great trick to lift the eye,” she says. Just remember to concentrate the darkest shades of liner or shadow on the outer edges of the eye. Pro tip: Quynh says that cotton buds are the best tool to edit the direction of any eye makeup. 

The takeaway: Create balance by bringing eye makeup upward and focussing the darkest shades on the outermost corners of the eyes.

Must-have products:
Eye makeup for your eye shape: Hydrophil Cotton Buds
Cotton Buds

It’s much easier to add more makeup than to take it away, but in the event that you find yourself needing to do the latter, cotton buds are the way to go. The precision of the small cotton tip allows you to work on small areas, like the eyes, with ease.

Eye makeup for your eye shape: MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon
Eyeshadow in Carbon

This go-to matte black shadow by MAC is the perfect edge-defining colour to keep in your kit. Whether you want to use an eyeliner brush to define your lash line or add a bit of drama to the outer edges of your eyes, this shadow is a one-size-fits-all fave.

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This story was originally published on Who What Wear U.S. and has since been updated.