May 30, 2023

Justine Skye with burgundy berry hair.

Thinking about rocking a new hair color? While blonde, brown, black, and classic red shades are often the go-to, we urge you to consider burgundy. The dark red shade is making waves in the beauty world, with 221,000 posts and counting on Instagram.

Joey LaBeija, a hair colorist at Jenna Perry Hair Studio, says that burgundy will look different depending on your starting base shade. “A natural brunette is a great base for a burgundy hue because its warm underlying pigment will contribute to the natural vibrancy of the desired color. Lighter shades can have fun with this hue as well but it would be a lot more punchy and vivid as opposed to how it would deposit on a brunette.”

And if you’re planning on trying this hue for the summer? “If you are in the sun, try to cover your hair whenever possible,” says RUSK Global Creative Director Matt Swinney. “The deep, rich tones of burgundy do not love sunlight.”


While you might be hesitant to ditch your natural-tinted hair color in favor of a brighter, bolder hue, after looking at the 39 burgundy hair color ideas below, you might just change your mind. If you do, just be sure to bring the photo with you as inspiration so that your stylist can perfectly recreate the look.


CHOOSING A SHADE: Determine your starting base shade and desired result. Typically, burgundy will show up quite bright on lighter hair and as more of an accent on darker hair. Swinney notes that a level 5 or 6 shade is an ideal starting point to go burgundy.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL: Medium. “Red is the largest color molecule so it’s the hardest color to get out of the hair, and also the hardest color to keep from fading,” LaBeija says, and recommends keeping shampooing and heat styling to a minimum and using a color-depositing conditioner to maintain your shade.

GOES GREAT WITH: A matte lip look, including deep reds, classic red, or a nude shade, and a cool-toned smokey eye all pair beautifully with rich burgundy hair.

SIMILAR SHADES: For a warmer red, try mahogany hair, a vivid purple or even a pastel lilac.

PRICE: Expect to pay anywhere from $75-$125 for an in-salon single-process, or around $50-$75 for a gloss if you’re just trying a temporary shade.

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Burgundy Bob Color Melt

Rihanna with a burgundy bob

This dark-to-light burgundy color melt looks especially stunning in a short crop. Here, the tousled blowout makes the style especially alluring.

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Burgundy Curls

This burgundy Jeri curl cut is undeniably chic. The modern-meets-retro vibe is perfect for 2021, as ’80s trends are expected to be back and bigger than ever.

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Burgundy Sunset Melt

This sunset-inspired hair color incorporates not only trendy burgundy ends, but streaks of orange, gold, and plum, as well. The warm undertones pair well with neutral and warm skin tones, though they look especially bold with cooler complexions thanks to the contrast.

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Berry Burgundy Lob

Cardi B with a burgundy-berry colored lob

This bright berry ‘do has a touch of contrast thanks to slightly darker roots. The shade pairs especially well with cool skin tones.

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Wine-to-Rosé Fade

Wine-to-rosé fade burgundy hair

We’re suckers for both wine and rosé, so it’s no wonder we’re swooning over this fade. With darker burgundy roots fading into soft pink ends, what’s not to love?

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Deep Burgundy Lengths

Demi Lovato with deep burgundy hair

This deep burgundy color manages to look bright thanks to ever-so-slightly lighter babylights. As a result, the dark shade looks well-lit from every angle.

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Burgundy Baby Bangs

A masculine person with burgundy hair and baby bangs

The burgundy hair color trend looks great on any style or length. Here, the shade is paired with baby bangs and a buzz for one look that’s sure to turn heads.

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Burgundy Natural Hair

Kerry Washington with burgundy highlights in textured hair

Natural hair looks especially stunning with hints of burgundy. This take on the trend combines wine-colored curls with Kerry Washington’s natural dark shade for a high-contrast look that pairs gorgeously with deeper skin tones.

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Garnet Gorgeousness

Vivica A. Fox with garnet-colored hair

We can’t stop staring at this super shiny mane. Dark roots and burgundy balayage give it a high-contrast finish that’s simply stunning.

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Burgundy Ends

Ashanti with burgundy ombre hair

Not ready to go full burgundy? This black-to-burgundy fade will help you dip your toes (er, ends) into the trend. Plus, if you end up not loving it, you can always cut off the color.

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Maroon Moment

Looking for ways to pair the burgundy hair color trend with natural hair? If you’re down to straighten your coils, this sleek bob is a fun fit. Plus, it offers a colorful way to show off baby hairs.

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Burgundy Roots

Ombre hair with burgundy roots

Hoping to go brighter? Here, burgundy roots fade into red mids and peach ends for a look that’s impossible to miss. And, thanks to the stellar fade, there are no harsh lines between colors.

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Burgundy Braids

Keke Palmer with burgundy box braids

Another way to rock the burgundy hair color trend is with braids. Just look how stunning Keke Palmer looks—the confidence boost this bold shade can provide is major.

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Bold Burgundy

A back view of Sharna Burgess' burgundy hair

Ready to take it ultra-dark? This oxblood color looks especially stunning in a braided updo.

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Katy Perry with burgundy red hair

This reddish-burgundy hair color is stunning, to say the least. With a high-shine finish and solid color from roots to ends, it’s both bold and beautiful.

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Burgundy Black

Burgundy-black hair

On the more subtle end of the spectrum, this black-and-burgundy hair color adds a vibrant touch to a neutral hue. To snag that shiny finish, try blow-drying a drop of the Moroccanoil Treatment ($34) into damp strands.

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Blackberry Hair

Justine Skye with blackberry burgundy hair

If you prefer cooler undertones, this blackberry-tinted burgundy hair color is worth considering. With a balayage technique, it looks like a natural fade from black to blackberry.

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Bouncy Burgundy

Ariana Grande with burgundy hair

We don’t know about you, but this burgundy hair color gives us all the superhero vibes. It’s just red enough, and with volume and bounce like that, it looks positively magical.

To keep your hair looking bright for longer, experts say to try to cut back on shampooing it, and when you do, use color-protecting products. “A combination of washing hair less frequently and using great color preserving shampoo and conditioners are easy ways to preserve color and prevent fading,” says Swinney.


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Burgundy Accents

Priyanka Chopra with deep burgundy hair

This black-to-burgundy fade looks picture-perfect against warm, tan skin. And just look how stunning it can be paired with a matching burgundy statement lip.

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Magenta and Red

Sometimes rocking the burgundy trend is as simple as getting creative with pairing colors that, together, create the hue. Here, red and plum shades layer together for an all-over burgundy vibe. Plus, when you flip your hair with a shade like this, it will look slightly different each time, which can be a fun way to add allure to your hair.

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Midnight Sangria

Nikki Chu with midnight sangria burgundy hair

Burgundy mixed with other dark shades makes for one beautiful hair statement. Add in some waves and you have a post-worthy style you’ll want to show off.

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Burgundy Balayage

Vanessa Hudgens with burgundy balayage hair

The dark roots and mids help balance out the bright red ends of this colorful look. To keep the ends looking vibrant, be sure to condition them regularly with oVertone’s Extreme Red Daily Conditioner ($18).

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Fiery Burgundy

Natalie La Rose with burgundy hair

Try to tell us this burgundy shade isn’t as stunning as can be. With hints of fiery red, the hue looks especially gorgeous on long hair, as it creates a larger canvas to show off the shade.

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Burgundy and Plum Undercut

Burgundy plum undercut

Love burgundy but want to play with a few other shades too? This multi-colored undercut shows off the color while incorporating pretty pastels at the same time.

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Burgundy Sunset Melt

Burgundy sunset hair

Burgundy roots, pinkish-white mids, and peach ends give this dusty pastel mane a head-turning appeal that can’t be ignored. Just keep in mind that maintaining the vibrancy of each section will be difficult, so this hair color idea is best for someone who has the time and money for frequent touch-ups.

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Firefox Fade

Firefox fade burgundy hair

On the other hand, we have this super-hot hair color idea that features a fade from dark burgundy roots to fiery orange ends. It brings to mind images of hot sauce and Cheetos—in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

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Burgundy and Blue

Burgundy and blue hair

Love the dusty hair look? This burgundy-to-blue fade will make your heart skip a beat. It’s a moody hair color idea that will instantly elevate any outfit or makeup look.

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Burgundy Spirals

Rihanna with burgundy spiral hair

These big, bouncy burgundy coils give us energetic feels we’re falling in love with. The bright hue instantly transforms the short crop of curls into a can’t-look-away masterpiece.

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Cayenne Skies

If you want to go all out when attempting the burgundy hair color trend, check out this graphic take on the popular shade. With hints of blue, black, gray, and orange paired together in an edgy design, it’s more a work of art than a simple hair color transformation.

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Autumn Tones

Burgundy hair with autumnal tones

While the majority of this bob is done in reds and oranges, it has a cool appeal thanks to blue undertones and strips of teal. When worn in curls, it looks largely the same length, though worn straight it has a chic asymmetric silhouette.

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Orangey Burgundy Hair

Zendaya with burgundy orange hair

Zendaya’s reddish-orange blowout perfectly encapsulates the burgundy hair color trend. Vibrant and subtle all at once, it’s a great way to commit to the statement.

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Red Velvet Hair

Kylie Jenner with red velvet burgundy hair

This sweet shade is dark and bright all at once. It looks especially gorgeous on longer lengths, as it creates more opportunity for the complexity of the shade to shine.

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Cherry Cola Hair

Lana Del Rey with cherry cola hair

This brownish-red hair color looks brown in some lights and more red in others. However, in perfect lighting, you’ll be able to show off tints of both.

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Mahogany Hints

Burgundy hair with hints of mahogany

Brown, black, and red combine for a mahogany end look. Just be sure to get it done with balayage so it doesn’t look overly chunky.

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Reddish-Brown Hair

Ashley Greene with burgundy brown hair

It’s totally okay if you’re not ready to go full burgundy. With this subtle, dark shade, you can show off hints of the cool red color without going totally bold.

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Burgundy Bangs

Burgundy hair with bangs

Burgundy pairs well with bangs, too. Whether you wear them full or parted into a curtain style, the color might just make you like your fringe even more.

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Burgundy Feather Bangs

Here, you can see how light, feathery bangs also pair well with the dark red hair color. The shade even looks great with root growth.

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Moody Burgundy

Moody blue-burgundy hair

Swoops of burgundy babylights make this dark brown hair color look both moody and delectable. The shine helps, too.

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Burgundy Old Hollywood Waves

Burgundy hair in old Hollywood waves

This brownish-red burgundy shade makes our heart flutter. The smooth, rolling waves create old Hollywood charm, while the dark color gives it a modern update.

  • What skin tone suits burgundy hair?

    While anyone can rock burgundy hair, the shade usually tends to fall on the cooler side of the spectrum with violet undertones, making it a seamless match for cooler skin tones. If your skin is on the warmer or peachier side, you might want to choose a browner base with a subtle burgundy twinge.

  • What kind of dye is best for burgundy hair?

    It depends on how committed you are to the shade. If you just want to try it out, there are plenty of at-home semi- and demi-permanent options out there. Permanent dye will garner long-lasting results, and you can always see a pro especially if you are going more than a shade or two lighter or darker.

  • Do you need to bleach your hair to go burgundy?

    Typically, bright colors show up vividly on hair that has been pre-lightened, but this isn’t a requirement to add burgundy tones to your hair—especially because the shade is on the darker side versus a light pastel. You can use a semi-permanent color to add a vibrant, temporary tint to your hair without bleaching it first.

  • How is burgundy different from mahogany?

    “Although very similar, mahogany is warmer and has a red-orange reflect making it appear brighter and a bit browner whereas burgundy has a red-violet reflect and is much cooler in tone making it appear a bit deeper,” LaBeija says. Mahogany hair can also require a little less maintenance overall, especially if you go with a browner base.