May 30, 2023


Not only has asymmetry been having a moment in fashion recently, but it’s been having a major moment in the beauty world, too. And no, we’re not talking about asymmetrical makeup (as much as we’d definitely love that trend). Instead, we’re here to celebrate the coolest hairstyle of the moment: the asymmetrical bob.

And while asymmetrical bobs may sound a little risky, you’ll likely be surprised by how low-maintenance (and striking) they can actually be. With the right cut, products, and treatment, you’ll find that asymmetrical bobs can be totally effortless and wearable. (Yes, even if you have an aversion to hot tools, there’s an asymmetrical bob for you.)

Below, find 27 asymmetrical bobs you’ll probably want to add to your hair inspo folder on Instagram immediately—if you haven’t already, that is.

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Bandana Vibes

Woman wears an asymmetrical bob hairstyle with a bandana headband

It’s no secret we’ve been fawning over bandana hairstyles recently—but when you add a wavy asymmetrical bob into the equation, you truly can’t go wrong. A sea salt spray will help to get you this beachy texture.

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Straight and Sleek

Sleek, pin-straight asymmetrical bob

If you love super-sleek vibes, make a statement with something slick-straight and asymmetrical (with extra-fancy edges, if you’re up for it).

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Blunt and Textured

Woman with wavy blonde asymmetrical bob

With blunt ends and extra texture, this wavy asymmetrical bob will definitely get all the compliments and Instagram likes. Use a volumizing spray at the roots to lift fine, limp strands.

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Super Sleek

Woman with a sleek, short asymmetrical bob

We love A-line, graduated bobs, and this one is made even chicer with a sleek middle part and edgy asymmetry. It’s especially great for those with thin or thinning hair.

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Chic Curls

Let your curls do the talking by giving them room to breathe. With short, asymmetrical layers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy your hair is to style (and how bouncy your curls suddenly are). But don’t forget to invest in a curl cream, either.

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Bring the Drama

Woman with a wavy blonde asymmetrical bob

First of all, this pearly blonde hue is everything. On top of that, the dramatic off-center part and asymmetry make for a totally dramatic and cool final product.

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Lightweight and Tousled

Woman wears asymmetrical bob with lightweight layers

For something low-maintenance and fresh, super short layers you can tousle and flip from side to side are totally on point. (We’d be touching and tousling our locks all day if they looked like this, too.)

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A Little Extra Length

Woman wears dramatic asymmetrical bob

Go for the bold with daring, noticeable asymmetry, like this bob with some extra length framing the right side of the face. The smudged roots make a strong case for skipping that next trip to your colorist.

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Retro Waves

Woman wears an asymmetrical bob with retro waves and volume

Play up the drama with long pieces in front you can style any which way—these retro side bangs are a perfect example. This is a versatile ‘do since bangs aren’t actually cut; instead, they’re created by taking hair from the crown and sweeping it forward.

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Butterfly Locs

Asymmetrical bobs work for every hair texture and braid preference. This side-parted style complete with butterfly locs is totally on point.

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Super Subtle Asymmetry

As much as we love the bold beauty risk-takers on this list, there’s something super chic about the subtle asymmetry of this cut. (This is the perfect “starter” asymmetrical bob, if you’re feeling nervous about making the chop.) Not to mention, the gray color is gorgeous.

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Statement Side

Woman with dramatic asymmetrical bob

Feeling daring? Go for a super-short style with an A-line, graduated cut on one side only—and see how cool you’ll feel (and look) without even trying. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, a flat iron will help you to achieve a sleek finish.

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Asymmetrical Bangs

Woman wears asymmetrical bob with bangs

While bangs aren’t typically known as “low-maintenance,” depending on your hair texture, this asymmetrical fringe could be a simple pick-me-up for your average bob.

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All the Volume

With a side part and extra (and we mean extra) volume on one side only, this graduated, asymmetrical bob is a total showstopper.

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Soft & Blunt

While the bob might be asymmetrical and “uneven,” technically, you can keep things ultra-clean and satisfying with the softest, bluntest ends ever.

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Shaggy Chicness

Woman wears a shaggy blue asymmetrical bob

It’s no secret we love a good shag cut—and this asymmetrical version (complete with a blue ombré hue) is beyond dreamy.

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Asymmetrical Curls

Woman wears a naturally curly asymmetrical bob

With an asymmetrical cut that shows off your curls, you can let your gorgeous natural texture take center stage.

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Natural Roots

Woman wears a platinum asymmetrical bob with natural dark roots

To be honest, it doesn’t get much cooler than this: With natural roots and an A-line cut, this asymmetrical bob is definitely It-girl approved.

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Tousled Waves

Woman wears asymmetrical bob with tousled waves

Hard truth: Chopping long hair off is usually the best thing you can do to make your waves more lightweight and bouncy. We’re loving the touchable, tousled final look here.

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Oh So Sleek

If you’re into the ultra-straight look—whether it’s thanks to keratin or your favorite hair straightener—go for a super-sleek asymmetrical bob you’ll never get sick of.

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Beachy Highlights & Waves

Complement an asymmetrical bob with beachy highlights and waves that make it look like you just got back from surfing for hours in Malibu.

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Red Alert

Woman wears red asymmetrical bob

If you’re making the cut, why not make a color switch too? We love this deep, saturated red combined with a dramatic asymmetrical cut.

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Flipping Out

Up the ante with dramatic asymmetry combined with rainbow hues—we love the easy, flippable, and touchable layers on this bob. (And don’t even get us started on the unicorn vibes.)

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Soft & Subtle

Woman wears a soft asymmetrical bob

You can’t go wrong with something soft and subtle. The barely noticeable asymmetry combined with touchable layers here is giving us major hair envy.

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Sweet Side Bangs

Woman with asymmetrical bob and side bangs

With sweet side bangs, blown-out volume, and a slightly uneven length on either side, this asymmetrical bob is giving us all the retro vibes in all the best ways.

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Bob Braids

Woman with asymmetrical bob braids

This braided asymmetrical bob—complete with chic gold beads—is throwing us back to the ’90s, and we’re obsessed.

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Shaggy Curls

Woman wears a voluminous curly asymmetrical bob

With strategically cut layers and asymmetry, you’ll get the most out of your natural, curly texture—think a bouncy, lightweight, and effortless style you’ll love to show off. (Find our fave curly hair products here.)