June 4, 2023

One of the most important parts of my job as a beauty editor is to work out which topics will resonate most with our readers and to find the answers to the questions that people are searching for most at any given moment. And while those areas of interest definitely fluctuate, depending on what season we’re in or which beauty products are currently going viral on TikTok, there’s one beauty concern that seems to be pretty universal amongst Who What Wear readers—how to get thicker-looking hair. Yes, from the best hair colours for thin hair to the hairstyles that give your hair more volume, it appears that bulking up the appearance of thin hair is top of many of our hair wish lists for 2021. 

I’ve spoken previously about how thin hair was never really an issue for me until I experienced post-partum hair loss (prior to that, you were much more likely to find me testing and trialling frizz-fighting products in my haircare routine), but ever since that bout of thinning, I’ve made it my mission to seek out the very best volume-boosting formulas. And in my opinion, nothing acts faster or is as instantly transformative as a hair-volumising spray. 

Best Hair Volumising Sprays

Keep scrolling for 15 of the best hair-volumising sprays that will make even the thinnest of hair look so much thicker.

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
Dry Texturizing Spray

This is my favourite hair-volumising spray of all time. Yes, it’s pricey, but I have tried so many similar products, and none come close to the efficacy of this one from Oribe. Part volumiser, part texturiser and part dry shampoo, this is a truly versatile hair spray that adds plenty of volume and cool-girl texture and makes your hair look effortlessly styled, even if you’ve just run your fingers through it. A true holy-grail product.

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Kérastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo
Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo

“My current favourite for volume on thin hair is Kérastase’s Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo,” says Darren Fowler, owner of Fowler35 and a Kérastase expert. “It cleans and refreshes hair whilst leaving roots airy and bouncy. You can also spray into the ends for extra body and texture.”

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Multiplying Volume Styling Mist
Caviar Anti-Aging Multiplying Volume Styling Mist

So many editors rave about this little-know haircare line, and this multitasking styling mist is one of the hero products in the line. Enriched with a Marine Plumping Complex, this can be spritzed through damp, towel-dried hair to plump your strands and create fuller-looking hair once you’ve blow-dried it.

Ouai Haircare Volume Spray
Ouai Haircare
Volume Spray

Ouai founder Jen Atkin is the hairstylist behind the strands of celebs like Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid to name a few, so it’s no surprise that her hair products are seriously impressive. This is another volumising spray that you apply to clean, damp hair before styling. It adds lift, bounce and volume without weighing hair down.

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Oribe Volumista Mist for Volume
Volumista Mist for Volume

The entire volume range from Oribe is brilliant for thin hair, but this spray is the star of the show. It’s formulated with copolymer resins and marine glycogen to actually plump and volumise every strand of hair. Plus, it smells absolutely incredible.

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Body Builder
Living Proof
Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Body Builder

The best thing about this spray is that it has a unique nozzle that can be adjusted depending on how much volume and body you’re after. Twist it towards “M” for a bigger particle size and faster spray rate if you want gravity-defying volume or to “L” for less body and a lower spray rate. So clever.

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray
Kristin Ess
Dry Finish Working Texture Spray

This is one of the best affordable styling products that I’ve tried. It adds a soft, matte texture along with plenty of volume, and it acts as a lightweight setting spray to keep your hairstyle in place all day.

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume Spray
Root 66 Max Volume Spray

This gives hair the kind of lift and bounce that you can normally only achieve with a professional blow-dry. You aim the nozzle directly at the roots of damp hair to blast it with the volume-boosting formula before styling, and once you’ve dried it, there won’t be a thin hair in sight. 

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift Volume Spray
Wella Professionals
EIMI Sugar Lift Volume Spray

I love that this lightweight styling spray can be used on damp or dry hair, depending on how much lift you’re after. Plus, it’s enriched with sugar, which adds a glistening shine to your finished look.

IGK Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray
Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray

Traditionally, salt sprays are the go-to styling product for creating airy, beachy waves, but salt can be incredibly drying on fine hair. Thankfully, this volumising spritz from IGK delivers the same amount of volume without the salt. If tousled, textured, lifted hair is what you’re after, then I can’t recommend this enough.

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Redken Guts 10
Guts 10

This has a unique foam spray formulation that really helps to create a sturdy foundation for whatever style you’re creating. If you overdo it, there’s a risk of it feeling a little tacky, so using short, sharp bursts is the way to go. However, if you’re creating a special-occasion style, then the volume that this creates really cannot be rivalled.  

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray
Bumble and Bumble
Bb. Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray

I have used this volumising spray for years—at first for its subtle texturising properties and then for the way that it imparts instant volume to the flattest of hair. It’s infused with hydrolysed wheat protein, zeolite and silk powder, so it lasts really well in the hair.

Lazartigue Volumize Styling Spray
Volumize Styling Spray

This innovative spray is applied to freshly-washed hair and coats it in a protective film. Sounds like it might weight down fine strands, right? Wrong! It actually delivers a healthy dose of protein which plumps hair, restores volume and reduces static. Good stuff.

Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Volume Spray
Bed Head
Superstar Queen for a Day Volume Spray

This spray is a bit of a beauty-insider secret, and I’ve spotted it in many hairstylists’ kits backstage at fashion week. Apply this to damp hair before blow-drying for an ultra-glam, plumped-up style, and spritz it through dry hair to add targeted volume exactly where you need it. 

Best Hair Volumising Sprays: Undone by George Northwood Volume Spray
Undone by George Northwood
Volume Spray

Friends of mine who have thin hair swear by this volume-boosting spray from celeb hairdresser George Northwood. Since trying it myself, I can confirm that it’s well worth the hype.

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