June 4, 2023

A decision on whether or not to get a fringe cut in isn’t something to be taken lightly. Yes, fringes can be the perfect way to vamp up a tired style, but it is somewhat of a commitment, especially if you have dedicated time to growing your hair. Being fully on-board with the idea of getting a fringe before you sit down in the salon chair is, if you ask us, absolutely vital if you want to avoid any regret.

And this is never truer than it is for those with curly hair. You see, getting a fringe cut into curly strands requires a little more consideration than if hair is straight. Whereas fringes on straight hair are often cut with the hair wet, curly fringes tend to be chopped when the hair is dry in order to take the curl pattern into account, meaning that styling your fringe comes with some limitations.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole bunch of ways you can make them work. In fact, fringes on curly hair might just be some of our favourite styles ever. Looking for some fringe inspiration? Whether your curls are short or long, keep scrolling for 15 ways you can style a fringe with curly hair.

1. Tightly Curled Full Fringe

Curly hair with fringe: Yara Shahidi

Halle Berry is the queen of balayage, and her fringe blends into her tousled lengths effortlessly. Keep curls looking beachy with a spritz of salt spray after styling.

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