June 3, 2023

Dyson Airwrap and attachments in leather case

Don’t call it a comeback. While the Dyson Airwrap is dominating social channels with alarming virality, the frequently sold-out hair tool has been the darling of beauty experts and enthusiasts alike ever since its 2018 launch. Four years later, the same fascination remains, as does the question on everyone’s mind: Is it really worth the $600 price tag?

What sets the Airwrap apart from competing tools is, well, everything. First of all, it uses far less heat. By harnessing a dynamic airflow principle called the Coanda effect, the gadget simultaneously dries and styles hair without the usual extreme heat damage. And unlike other hair tools, it comes with eight interchangeable attachments that, in theory, should replace the need for multiple hair tools and brushes. The result? Hair that looks like you just left the salon, achieved with just one at-home tool (did we mention it also claims to work on all hair types?).

But much like a grandmother using an iPhone for the first time, those unfamiliar with the tool’s air-flowing ways can face a serious learning curve. If you’re new to the Airwrap world, you might have an abundance of questions: Should I let my hair dry first? Why do my curls keep falling out? What products should I be using? How on Earth do those barrels work? And do I really need to read the user manual?

While you should read the manual, you don’t necessarily need to thanks to the four years worth of tutorials out there online. To keep you from doom-scrolling through some of the more questionable content, we rounded up some of the best Dyson Airwrap tutorials the internet has to offer. Read on for all the tips and tricks you need to know.

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The Thorough Overview

When it comes to my hair, I’d pretty much do anything Jen Atkin, hair guru extraordinaire, told me to do. That’s why this tutorial was the very first one I watched upon opening up that beautiful leather case. She gives a great overview of the various attachments and shares some amazing tips for getting the most out of your blow dry. Bonus points for her genius barrel hack for getting beach waves.

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The Official Walk-Through

If you’re not one of the nine million (and counting!) views on this TikTok, allow me to introduce you to Vito, the internet’s new favorite Dyson professional. With equal parts sass and skill, Vito takes us through what I assume is in the manual that not many of us read. For a bald man, he sure knows his way around an Airwrap.

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The Bite-Sized Tips

Meet Matt Newman, a hairstylist perhaps better known as @mattloveshair. Matt is a treasure trove of hair tips, tricks, and tutorials and dedicates his TikTok page to just that. His videos are short and sweet without ever lacking on the crucial info. That’s why a whopping four of his bite-sized Airwrap tutorials made our list.


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The Everyday Routine

Beyond her skincare expertise, Summer Fridays co-founder Marianna Hewitt is another Airwrap loyalist doling out her best advice online. As a loyal follower, I can confirm that her hair pretty much always looks amazing, and this video covers everything you need to know to achieve her classic wavy blowout.

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The Curly Hair Routine

Most of the Airwrap tutorials I see online feature users with relatively easy to manage, straight-to-wavy hair. To be fair, this is almost definitely due to the algorithm—I, too, have easy to manage, straight-to-wavy hair. Luckily, I’ve done my research to find tips that can help all hair types, and this tutorial by Melissa Frusco is one of the best out there for curly hair.

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The Blowout with Curtain Bangs

Is this the most informative Dyson tutorial I’ve come across? No. But Matilda Djerf might have some of the most loved hair on the internet, and for that reason alone, this video makes the list, especially since her technique appears to be different from the standard.

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The Curly Transformation

There are some amazing tips for curly- and frizzy-haired Airwrap users in this video (and Yana Udaltsova’s other Airwrap videos). She’s a bit of a hidden gem on TikTok, with in-depth tutorials and step-by-step explainers for all your Airwrap questions. Trust me, ask her all your questions quickly before she blows up.

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The Tutorial “For Dummies”

Content creator Rudi Berry is another person with consistently stunning hair that I follow. While I’m a huge fan of her dewy skin recommendations, her Dyson Airwrap for dummies videos are lifesavers. She’s detailed, thoughtful, and quick to respond to any questions or comments. Her biggest tip? Take advantage of the cool shot feature, blasting it at least as long as you do heat in order to set your style.

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The Lasting Blowout Tip

Sarah Palmyra specializes in all things beauty, so of course she came through with some of the best Airwrap tips I’ve found online. And with good reason—she had such a hard time figuring out the tool herself that she actually returned her first one and later repurchased another. It’s safe to say she’s gotten a good handle on things now—I mean, the results speak for themselves.

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The Bouncy Blowout for Curly Hair

While there aren’t a ton of Airwrap tutorials out there for those with curly hair, this is another great one I’ve found. The biggest takeaway here is the importance of the smoothing brush in creating that blown-out effect.